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Hello! I'm Shannon - a hobbyist photographer turned professional :) I consider myself one of the lucky ones that followed their heart and ended up tumbling into a career that fulfills the deepest crevices of their soul.

Originally from Austin, I have moved and lived all over Texas-- I graduated from Plano Senior High just north of Dallas, have lived and/or explored all over central and West Texas, and somehow found myself on the coast. What was supposed to be a temporary stay ended up becoming our home and a place that holds my heart. The beach stays the same and yet changes every single day and I became intoxicated wondering what the next hour, minute, day, wave, sunset would bring. 

The Coastal Bend has an untouched potential and a thrumming underground resonance I want to stay and discover. I truly believe the next few years will be pivotal for this growing area and I can;t wait to hopefully be around to see and be a part of it!

But back to the photography! Although I consider myself to specialize in Weddings and Elopements, my heart really lies with smaller, more intimate shoots. I live for the intimate shots after the ceremony, when a couple is riding a high from saying their vows and promising their soul to another human being,

My main goal in photography is to capture passion and movement, make emotion tangible, to chase and give a glimpse of the palpable authenticity that lives amongst everyone at their inner core. 


I truly live for a good sunrise couples shoot, an intimate maternity session, and most recently have really felt my heartstrings pull towards boudoir-- there's something about seeing the light in someone's eyes proceeding a boudoir session after you show them their photos and give them a glimpse into the person the rest of the world sees. 

I welcome any and all ideas and love to throw ideas around with clients and make even seemingly mundane things fun and interesting! 

Don't hesitate to reach out with any and all ideas! I also do content shoots, branding photos, head shots, family sessions, and would like to expand my editorial portfolio a bit. 

Looking forward to meeting and connecting!

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